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ATO Debts Getting Out of Hand? Notice to all ABN holders, your ATO Debts may now tarnish your credit rating. Beware of ATO Bankruptcy!

  There is terrible news for business owners who have an ATO debt as of 1 July 2017. Small businesses need to be careful of ATO Bankruptcy since the ATO may divulge information of your tax debts to credit reporting agencies such as Veda Advantage and Dun & Bradstreet. This will make it much more [...]

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What Remains on Your Credit Report And For How Long?

  A credit report is a specific document that specifies your history with creditors and has a notable effect on your future financial abilities. Possessing a 'good' credit report is conventional so long as you pay your bills and debt repayments on time. On the other hand, skipping a repayment on a bill or debt [...]

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What Is It Like To Go Bankrupt?

  There's no doubt that bankruptcy isn't the ideal scenario to be facing. There are some drastic financial consequences involved and it's a very intricate and stressful process that will affect you financially for years to come. Finding yourself in mountains of debt can happen in a heartbeat, and many individuals find themselves in this [...]

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Bankruptcy in Australia – What To Understand about Debt Collection

  Lots of people face financial problems at some point in their lives, and the majority of these people are probably familiar with debt collectors. A debt collector is an individual whose job is to collect debts on behalf of an organisation. A debt collector can either be an employee of a firm you owe [...]

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Four Types Of People Who Have Money Problems

  When it concerns money, a person's personality represents a considerable role in their financial decision-making. Everyone is unique, and that's what makes us human, so it really shouldn't come as a surprise that there are specific personality types that are more likely to have money issues than others. It's hard to reshape your personality [...]

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What Is Debt Consolidation?

  Nearly all of us have seen the plethora of debt consolidation advertising campaigns on TV. There is plenty of competition in the debt consolidation industry because unfortunately, lots of people are struggling financially and these companies provide much needed financial relief. Mortgages, car loans, credit cards; individuals can acquire loans from a broad range [...]

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What Happens After You Declare Bankruptcy

  Bankruptcy is not a decision that should be taken lightly. There are some harsh financial implications involved and your financial freedom will be restrained for years to come. This doesn't mean that declaring bankruptcy is the end of the world though. It should really be regarded as the first step in securing a bright [...]

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Is Bankruptcy My Best Alternative? How To Know If Bankruptcy Is Right For You

  Going through financial hardship is a very stressful situation and unfortunately, millions of people across the world find themselves in this position each day. People in this predicament have a number of options to recover from their financial distress, and bankruptcy should be thought of as a last resort when all other alternatives have [...]

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How To Save Money On Your Groceries

  Providing food for your family is necessary and the costs of doing so can fluctuate widely depending upon your mood, financial situation, and whether or not you're hungry when you visit the supermarket! But the fact is that food is a large expense for a lot of families, and uncovering ways to save at [...]

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Signs You May Be Having Money Problems

  Everybody loves money, especially spending it! Buying new toys or new clothes which make you feel and look good is important for your confidence and self-esteem. Yet how do you know if you're good with money or not? Just because you get paid lots of money doesn't mean you're good with it. There are [...]

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